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1.July 2011

It is hard to imagine a beach in a city far away from the sea, as our mind can hardly separate those two words. The beaches in Moscow are usually situated along the river or on the shore of a lake where sand has been brought.

Those beaches are usually free and doted of all the typical beach infrastructure. There you can swim, play volleyball, sometimes even tennis, practise yoga, and of course just lay on the sand and relax. You can easily rent a desk chair, fishing material and in some places boats. You can find shower, changing rooms, toilets. There are cafés where you can get snacks and drinks.

Water quality is checked regularly and warning signs and life guards prevent swimming in areas where water quality doesn’t match with hygiene standards.

Actually Moscow beaches can receive about 35000 people. It make them over crowed and it is worth to arrive early in the morning if you want to find some place. The city of Moscow is planning to open more beaches in the near future.

While waiting, here the list of those already existing:

  • Large Urban pond (Zelenograd, Central Ave)
  • Meshcherskoye (Leningrad highway, 39)
  • White Lake (Zaozernaya street, 2-6)
  • Silver Wood 2 (Taman street, beach N°2)
  • Silver Wood 3 (4th line of the Horoshevsk Silver wood, beach N°3)
  • Troparevo (Troparevskiy pond, Akademika Vinogradova Street, 12)
  • Black Lake (Zelenograd, 6th district)
  • School Lake (Zelenograd, 10th district)

In addition, more than 30 other recreation areas are open to the public but bathing is not authorised.

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  1. Does the Bukhta Radostei (am I remembering that right?) still exist? I certainly remember Silver Wood, or Glade with tremendous fondness—I think that when one drove there, one passed the only statue in Moscow at the time of Marshal Zhukov.

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