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Moscow Flea Market

21.May 2012



Ask any Muscovite about Moscow flea markets, and you can be sure he or she will explain you how to get to Izmailovo Market. The place is great and perfect to buy your souvenirs and to find some old stuff too, but the market is mostly for tourists so it is nearly impossible to make good deals.


Nonetheless there is a real блошиный рынок (flea market) not far from Moscow. Get on a suburban train at Leningradsky train station and stop at Новоподрезково (Novopodreskovo). It takes about 35 minutes by train to get there. Cross the tracks, and follow the other passengers. You can’t miss the place, some old women have displayed their belongings on plastic bags on the ground all the way to the market.



The market was originally set in Moscow, but in 2010, the city authorities decided to move it to its current location. You can find there almost anything from antiques to second hand clothes and utensils, from books to toys. You can make real bargains here, if you’re good at it.



Some traders have tables to display their goods, while most of them lay their stuff on a cardboard right on the ground.



So if you like to put your nose in old stuff, to bargain hard, and to find exclusive things, this is the place to go.



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  1. I can confirm it is for tourist like me.
    Do you know another market for everybody with good price ?

  2. If the Novopjdrezkovo flea market seems too far away from Moscow (actually it takes about 30 minutes by train to get there), you can also try the one on Shkolnaya Street close to the metro station Rimskaya. But this flea market is only open on the first and third Saturday of each month from 9am to 6pm.

    Have fun looking through old stuff:)

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