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Romantic Monuments in Moscow

14.February 2012

We already told you Valentine’s Day is not a Russian holiday, but all the same, lovers like to celebrate it.

To mark that day, let’s take a tour to Moscow’s romantic monuments:

For many years, Moscow had no monument dedicated to love, though you could find many monuments of different size and with different characters. And then, Gregory Pototsky’s dream to offer such a monument to his town came true in 2004. If you go to Trubetskie’s park near the “Frunzenskaya” metro station, you can see “Памятник любви” (the Love Tree). The sculpture consists of the face of a man and a woman emerging from a tree.

The Moscow Hermitage Garden house “Памятник Всем Влюблённым” (the monument to all lovers). The monument installed by the radio station “Серебряный Дождь” (Silver rain) was inaugurated on Valentine’s Day 2006. Since its inauguration, the monument is an ideal meeting point right in the heart of Moscow and lovers like to come here to make a wish.

On Luzhkov bridge close to the “Tretyakovskaya” metro station, the municipality of Moscow installed metallic trees, “Дерево Любви” (Love Tree) a place which became famous for the numerous new weds that come here to seal their everlasting love.

And if, despite everything, you and your love one happen to have an argument, you can easily walk to the end of Luzhkov bridge and take a sit on “Скамья примирения” (the Reconciliation Bench) to stop your quarrel and forgive each other. That bench was unveiled to Muscovite on the day of the Family, Love and Loyalty.

Поздравляем вас с днём Святого Валентина! (We wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!)

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